Earth Day

Sustainable Packaging | Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

What is Earth Day? 

World Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 & celebrated all around the world to raise awareness about saving the environment and global warming. Since 1970, over 193 countries have been celebrating this day to raise awareness about saving the environment.

Each person & business may contribute in their own unique ways to make this day a success. Some volunteers plant trees for a greener earth on this day, others choose to clean nearby pathways or waterways.

How can I contribute to Earth Day at home? 

A minor action such as turning off the lights in you home for an hour has a significant impact. Utilize the daylight instead of the lights during the daytime. 

Something as small as turning off the television when not in use can make a large impact. These small changes can make a large impact on our planet.

How can a small business owner contribute to Earth Day? 

Using sustainable packaging materials is a great option for your small business to contribute to protecting the earth. Some cost-efficient ways to provide eco-friendly packaging are reusing boxes & materials where you're able, offering incentives to your candle customers for returning jars etc. You can also create recycling stations in your shipping space and so much more! 

Examples of Sustainable Packaging Materials

Sustainable materials like compostable mailer bags or biodegradable materials make great eco-friendly packaging for your small business. 

Sustainable packaging can reduce the amount of packaging you use within your small business, encourage packaging reuse, and minimize your ecological footprint. These benefits are crucial for both the environment and your bottom line cost within your business. 

Where can I purchase Eco Friendly Packaging for Small Businesses? 

Munbyn offers eco-friendly business supplies to small business owners including thermal label printer, thermal shipping labels, sticker labels, shipping scales, honeycomb wrapping paper & much more ! 

Munbyn thermal label printer are eco-friendly and sustainable! Their thermal label printer offers the best printing effect with optional 300dpi high resolution & equipped with Japan ROHM print head ( p.s this doesn't harm the print head ).


Thermal Label Printer


Thermal label printers eliminate toxic environmental waste with parts that are entirely sustainable and recyclable. Thermal label printers are known to use less energy than standard printers as they don't have to heat the ink in order to print. Using less energy means that thermal printers are more environmentally friendly and save energy.

Munbyn thermal label printer work with any direct thermal labels & you don't need ink or toner !

You read that right! You don't need ink or toner with thermal label printers which saves you time and money from ordering ink. Thermal label printers overall produce minimum waste and a great addition to any small business. 

Did I mention with the addition of a Munbyn thermal label printer you can print on demand. Enjoy the benefits of printing labels in the comfort of your space. No more standing at the postal office purchasing labels!

Munbyn also offers several thermal shipping labels to fit any need. Munbyn's thermal shipping labels are not only eco friendly but BPA Free, Waterproof, and Oil-proof.  

When looking for labels you want to ensure they offer strong adhesive. This is an important factor not only for shipping labels but also barcode labels, decorating candles, bottles ( like room sprays ), soaps or even homemade bake goods.

Munbyn not only offers strong adhesive labels but they offer several colors! The perfect option for any small business to incorporate your brand colors into your shipping while still offering eco friendly packaging. That is a win all the way around!




Best Practices for Candle Packaging 

Candles typically seem very sturdy but can be easily damaged in transit if not packaged properly. Honestly, nothing is more disappointing than receiving an damaged item in the mail.

As a small business owner, you can reduce this disappointment for your customers by packaging your items correctly. With candles, you want the item to remain stationary within the shipping box. If the candle is moving around within the shipping box it is likely to shatter. If you’ve created a cushioning effect within the box, any unexpected movement won’t have a disastrous result.

Wrapping your candles in Honeycomb Packing Paper is an excellent alternative & cost-effective solution to traditional bubblewrap. Honeycomb Packing Paper is biodegradable, 100% recycled kraft paper that is easy to use and does not require scissors to cut. 



Additional benefits with using Honeycomb Packing Paper is it can be stretched up to 1.6 times its original length. Honeycomb packing paper helps to safeguard your valuables like tableware, glass, etc.

Candle Packaging Ideas

1. Wrap each candle with Honeycomb Packing Paper or some some type of protective wrapping material. Keep in mind items can collide within the shipping box during shipping. If you are shipping multiple candles in one box, use dividers or extra padding to prevent this.

2. Place candles inside shipping box. An ideal box for shipping candles is one made from sturdy, corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has an outer and inner layer separated by a fluted middle layer. These three layers provide ample protection and cushioning for candles in transit. ( Do not use poly mailers, candles need to be shipped in a box to avoid damage during transit)

Add " FRAGILE" or "HANDLE WITH CARE" stickers to your packages for extra protection during shipping. This will alert the carriers that a fragile item is in the package. You should still package your items as if the carrier does not know the item is fragile. Unfortunately in transit packages are moved around a lot and handled roughly. As a business owner you want to ensure the item is packaged well. 

If you are shipping candles in the summer, check out Shipping Soy Candles in Summer Months | How to Ship Candles in the Summer?

3. Choose a shipping box that will fit snugly around the wrapped candle. You don't want a lot of movement within the shipping box.



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