Business Mentor

Why Every Entrepreneur should invest in a Business Mentor

UPS conducted a survey with over 150 business owners, 70% of the entrepreneurs that invested in mentoring had businesses that survived for five or more years. 

A mentor doesn’t just have a good grasp of the specific knowledge you need to succeed, like how to create better Facebook ads or how to bring a product to market.

They also possess an intuition developed over the course of many years doing what you hope to do, and their knowledge can help you confirm, abandon, or shape some of your own business instincts.

An experienced mentor helps you find your best self faster than time alone would allow.

This is an example of successful entrepreneurs that credit their mentors.

  • Warren Buffett credits Benjamin Graham with helping to shape him into a savvy investor.
  • Richard Branson says his uncle Jim taught him how to harness his eccentricity into entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Oprah Winfrey recognizes the influence that poet Maya Angelou had on her, not just through her writing, but as a friend and mentor.

Anyone who’s achieved some success in life will likely reflect on their journey and wish they knew back then what they know now. 

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