Welcome Candle Addict

Are you looking to reintroduce self care into your life?

An amazing self care day starts with an amazing candle. We offer 100% Soy Wooden Wick Candles & all the things needed to elevate the scent of your space.


I was very happy with my purchases. The candles burn nice and clean and they fill up not just the room it is burning in, but it fills up my entire apartment in about two hours. I will definitely be buying again and telling friends and family about my experience with this company 😍

- Darlene H


I think this might be my favorite Black Light candle. I’m so glad I bought the large size one. The wonderful fragrance and the wooden wick make for a really special experience.

- Nancy K


I was paying over $5-6 per vessel. I saw an ad for this company and decided to order samples. P.S I love that I can order 1 vessel or lid! Perfect for testing. I fell in love with the quality, quick shipping & price point. I will be switching to Black Light Candles!

- Delight C

What Makes Wooden Wicks Unique?

In recent years, wooden wick candles have become a trend amongst the home decorating community. And for good reason!

The crackling ambiance that the wick produces allows you to achieve that fireplace coziness that never fails to make a home feel more homely. A wooden wick also typically burns for longer and produces a stunning tear-drop-shaped flame, letting you really bask in the relaxing ambiance it creates.


My name is Carmen and I am the Founder/CEO of Black Light Candles LLC. I was raised in Brooklyn, NY.

I started Black Light Candles LLC July 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic.

I'm a Candle Addict, like yourself lol. Having a quality online shopping experience for candles is hard to come by. I decided to change that & reintroduce self care at an affordable price. 

You do not need to spend $100's to enjoy self care. It all starts with a candle. I recommend a Aromatherapy Candle.

- Thank you for Supporting Black Light Candles #CandleAddict


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