Looking to start or expand your candle business?

Black Light Candles has the perfect addition! Clean and sleek, our luxury glass matte candle jars are the perfect addition to any candle makers collection. 

Meet the ceo of Black Light Candles

My name is Carmen and I am the Founder/CEO of Black Light Candles LLC. I was raised in Brooklyn, NY.

I started Black Light Candles LLC because I'm a Candle Addict, like yourself lol. However, Luxury Wooden Wick candles have always been out of my budget. So I decided to change that for everyone.

Our Goal is to provide Luxury, High Quality Wooden Wick Candles at an Affordable Price.

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If delicious had a flavor....

If loving this product is wrong, I don't want to be right! I'm not a pumpkin spice girl, so I bought this for my husband....but I after he lit it, I promptly stole it and all it's buttery goodness right back!

Love it

This is my second favorite scent from the autumn collection, after Tonka & Spiced Honey, and the definition of a crisp, autumn day. I like that it has notes of everything: woodsy/floral, cinnamon spice, apples, and citrus.


My first candle from Black Light Candle and my fiance and I both absolutely loved it! Awesome scent and couldn't believe how strong it was.