About our CEO

Hey y'all! My name is Carmen and I’m the owner of Black Light Candles LLC. We sell 100% soy wax wooden wick candles as well as supply candle making materials to other businesses.
Black Light Candles has been operating for almost 3 years and is evolving every day. I wasn’t always this business savvy entrepreneur that you see today. I’ve experienced different positions within corporate America such as
retail, food service, collections, customer service and insurance, but one day I decided to release myself from the 9-5 fight!
I opened Black light Candles in 2020 during the pandemic with no experience in how to run a business at all. I continued to experiment with e-commerce and decided to sell a product that I always had in my own home.
Over time and lots of testing😅 I sold my first candle and one sale turned into ten, which then turned into 100 and now we have hundreds of sales per month.
Now I operate my business full time & help others do the same.
With my years of knowledge, my goal is to help other business owners grow as much as they can and provide my skills & knowledge to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.
Black Light Candle