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What Makes Wooden Wicks Unique ? How to Care For Wooden Wicks

What Makes Wooden Wicks Unique? How To Care For Wooden Wicks

Looking for that beautiful and unique centerpiece? Then you may want to buy a wooden wick candle. They're not as tricky to maintain as some suggest!

What Makes Wooden Wicks Unique?

In recent years, wooden wick candles have become a trend amongst the home decorating community. And for good reason!

The crackling ambiance that the wick produces allows you to achieve that fireplace coziness that never fails to make a home feel more homely. A wooden wick also typically burns for longer and produces a stunning tear-drop-shaped flame, letting you really bask in the relaxing ambiance it creates.

Even though a wooden wick burns longer, it is more environmentally friendly than cotton wick candles. This is because it's a clean-burning material and is far more sustainable to use.

Wooden wicks do require a unique kind of maintenance you must do regularly if you want your candle to last.

Prepare For Your First Light!

Candle wax has memory, so how a candle burns on its first light will determine how well it performs for the rest of its use. That is why it is so important to get the first light right.

You need to let the wick burn for 1-2 hours the first time around. While this may seem like an excessive amount of time, it will be long enough for the wax to melt across the whole width of the candle.

Often when people use candles, they only let them burn for 30 minutes on their first use to try and make the candle last longer. But, by letting your candle burn for longer on the first light, you will prevent tunneling.

This is hard to prevent unless you get the first light right.

Tunneling is which the wax only burns straight down the middle of the candle, leaving a thick rim of unusable wax around the outside.

If you allow your candle time to melt the wax across its entire width on the first light, then the wax will continue to do so for the rest of its use.

Having Trouble Lighting your Candle? TRY AGAIN!

It's likely that you will run into lighting problems often when using wooden wicks, but there are plenty of solutions.

A wooden wick needs to successfully pull the wax in to stay lit for longer than a few minutes. If you find your wick going out too quickly, then this may be because the wick is too long and cannot pull the wax in quickly enough.

As a rule, you need to keep the wick trimmed to a height of roughly 1/8”.

To keep on top of trimming the wick, make it a habit to do so before every use to remove any charred wood which can also shorten the burn time of the wick.

You need to avoid damaging the wick for it to continue lighting, so invest in some trimmers to get the job done properly.


It's not safe to leave a candle unattended to finish its burn. An unattended candle can lead to a house fire if a pet knocks it over, or it catches something nearby on fire.

Trimming wood wick candles is fairly easy but very important. You can usually get it short enough by simply breaking off the blackened bits of the candle. 


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