What is included in Website Analyzation

What is included ? 

1. Analyze Home page. Are you asking for the sale ( Call to Action ) ? Aggressive Pop Ups? Distracting content ? Quality Photos? Spelling errors? Easy to Shop ? 

2. Review Navigation Bar. Does your site utilized a Main Menu bar? Is it needed. Action calling titles? Will provide any recommendations for grouping of products on navigation bar. Example - Create a collection group for seasonal items.

3. Review photos & product description on site and provide feedback. Quality photos? Correct sizing? Uniformed placement and display? 

4. Review policy, shipping & FAQ's pages. Does your website have policies? Excessive shipping time? 

5. Review checkout page. Easy checkout process? If a customer was checking out, what would cause them to abandon the cart?  

Once completed you will receive a copy of the report and a 1 hour call with Carmen to review together. Allow up to 5 business days for review to be completed.