Black Light Candles

How much wax will it hold?

Fill Line - 8.5 fl. oz ( Approx. how much wax by weight the container will hold. )
Overflow - 10 fl. oz ( Approx. the volume of liquid the container will hold before it overflows. )

Height 3.5"

Diameter 3.06"

Max Labeling Area 10" X 3"


Wick Recommendations - Based on 100% Soy 

Wick selection can vary based on wax type & fragrance used. Other factors can affect the results of the wick.
Black Light Candles Strongly Recommends Independent Testing.
Wick size varies & recommendations are a rough estimate. Not guaranteed success with these recommendations.  


Cotton Wick : CD 18
Wooden Wick : Crackling Booster Wick .04 ( Width .625", Height 3" )





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