How to find the Right Mentor

How to find the Right Mentor

The first thing you need to understand what you are looking to get out of a mentorship.

Create a list of goals you have for your mentor relationship.

A few things to consider are:

  • What you’re hoping to learn from your mentor
  • What tasks you believe you can improve on
  • What projects you might need help with

Once you have specifics on what your goals are, you’ll have a better idea of who may be a good fit for your mentor.


What qualifications does a good mentor have?

 A mentor should ideally be someone whose work or career you genuinely admire. The mentor-mentee relationship, after all, needs to be built on mutual respect.

Expert business mentors:

  • Have a visible, verifiable track record of success in the area you want to grow in
  • Are open, friendly, and appreciate curiosity
  • Are passionate about their field and craft
  • Are thoughtful and considerate and don’t make up assured answers to questions just to appear knowledgeable

When you’re looking for the perfect mentor for your startup or to reach specific career goals, there are a few traits you’ll want to consider.

  • Is a good listener. A trusted mentor should be a good listener. It would be hard to guide you without listening to your challenges. 
  • Questions everything. Your mentor should question your thoughts and statements. It can be kind of annoying sometimes. But as a mentee it helps guide you the right way to think outside the box & become stronger in your business.
  • Is willing to share skills and expertise. A good mentorship relationship should be honest and transparent. A good mentor will share the good, bad and ugly about entrepreneurship. 
  • Takes an interest in your professional and personal development. A good mentor doesn’t need to know everything about your personal life, but they should help you set goals that are reasonable with your personal life. 

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