Candle Making Jars

Picking the Correct Candle Jar Size

One of the most important aspects of candle making is finding the correct candle jar. When you first begin making candles it can be frustrating. From choosing wax, finding a supplier, testing wicks selecting the right candle jar etc. 

Wick Less or Wicked Candle

Wickless Candle
Wick less candles are not burned by flame / fire. They're heated by a warmer which allows the scent to fill the space but the wax does not evaporate like a candle with a wick.
With a wick less candle you can fill the candle jar 1/4 inches from the rim. This means you can use the full size of the candle jar without having to accommodate for a wick etc.   
Soy Candle 
Candles with jewels, crystals, dried flowers, wicks etc are another option for candle making.
When adding a wick or additional items to the top of the candle you need to allow extra space at the top of the candle jar.

Example: If you are creating a 10 ounce candle with a wick & crystals on top. You would size up to accommodate for the wick and crystals.

A 12 ounce candle jar may be the best option

Candle Lids or Dust Covers ? 

Some candle lids insert into the candle jar vs sitting flush on the rim. A great example of this is the Bamboo Candle Lid.
Bamboo Candle Lid
Bamboo Candle Lids insert about 1 inch into the candle jar. If you intend to use a bamboo candle lid, you will need to provide empty space at the top of the candle jar for the bamboo lid the sit comfortably into the jar. 
Candle Lid
Metal Candle Lids & Dust Covers sit flat on the candle rim. With these options you will not need any extra space to accommodate the lid. 
With these facts you are now ready to pick the best candle jar. Leave a comment on your thoughts!

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